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Neptune Memorial Reef
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Neptune Memorial Reef

Life under the sea is a whole world itself from mermaids to sharks it is simply memorizing. There are endless possibilities for what the ocean has kept from us. But in Key Biscanye, Florida they have created a scenery that we can scuba dive into and feel like we are part of the underwater life.

Neptune is the Roman God of Fresh Water, and Florida has plenty of that. It was only right to create an underwater memorial in Neptune’s honor. In 2007 they created the largest man-made underwater reef and named it Neptune’s Memorial Reef. It is about 3 miles off the shores of Key Biscayne, right outside of Miami.

This underwater treasure is about 40 feet deep and is a decorative design of what the Lost City of Atlantis would have looked like. It has increased coral and marine life since it was placed underwater and they plan on creating 16 acres of the city under the sea.

Life after Life

If that doesn’t blow your mind, they also have the rare option to be cremated and buried underwater in the Lost City of Atlantis. They call it the “Green Burial Council”. They have the memorial site completely underwater and you can choose in advance or your family can choose a design of a sea creature or sea shape to be kept in. (for example, starfish, sea horse, etc). They started the memorial off with soldiers who had no family and were never claimed after the wars. Now families can get scuba certified so they can go to the reef anytime they like to visit their loved ones.


This beautiful attraction is free to the public and open at all times. If you do not have a boat or scuba gear, they do have rentals and everything you need to have the experience of a lifetime.

The City

The Lost City of Atlantis is currently about an acre big and they are planning to make it at least 64 acres. The reef could be classified officially as a coral reef as it inhabits over 14 different corals currently. There are 76 huge columns as of now but plenty more to come. There are stairs, lion statues, and plenty of places to swim in between. Not to mention all of the amazing sea creatures and fish you get to swim next to.

They have recently discovered the sea urchin living in the underwater city, as it was to be believed that they had vanished from the beach sides of Florida. Even the urchins love the idea of a lost city underwater.

It is a must-see and it should be added to everyone’s bucket list! …

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Best hotels to stay in New York City

New York City is no doubt, one of the most famous travel sites which are always full of people that come from different regions of the world. But the visitors are always in search of some good and reliable places where they can stay during their trip. In this article, I have summed up the best hotels to stay in New York City, US.

If you are planning to travel to New York then this list is a must-read for you. Now, let’s take a look at our top picks for hotels in New York.

The Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin hotel is one of the top-rated hotels with 5-star ratings from the consumers. It is a gorgeous hotel with impeccable and fully furnished rooms. The hotel consists of large suites (starting at 800 sq ft) with floor to ceiling windows, Asian accents, bathtubs and televisions. The rooms consist of well audio and entertainment systems. If you stay in a room here then you can enjoy views from Hudson River, Manhattan or Central Park.

The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel

The Beekman hotel is located in New York’s lower Manhattan neighbourhood near the Brooklyn Bridge and the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. The Thompsons Hotel offers you modern guest rooms and suites that are highly furnished along with crisp interiors and custom leather headboards. 

The floors are made up of hardwood having purple or red carpets. In short, the whole room is a lively example of the best decoration and furnishing. There are on-site restaurants too. If you are settled with accommodation then you can enjoy a good and tasteful meal in one of the on-site restaurants. You can also listen to DJs and musicians within the same venue. 

Baccarat Hotel, New York

Baccarat Hotel is another good option if you want to stay and travel in New York. Whether your preference is new or old, this hotel knows well, how to provide luxury to the customers. You can explore any of the 114 accommodations and you will find it decorated in a white colour palette with sleek wooden four-poster beds, marble-topped nightstands and cashmere throw. 

The Mark Hotel

The Mark Hotel is another top-notch hotel which is polished with elegant featuring of high-tech rooms and suites that offer in-room controls (such as shades, etc), audio systems, marble baths with deep soaking tubs, and mirrored flat-screen TVs, black granite bars and most often well-equipped kitchens. You can also select a suite that adds up to sofa beds, living rooms, dining areas, powder bathrooms, and terraces depending on the type.

The Chatwal

The Chatwal is located at a few miles from Broadway theatres in New York. This hotel is based on an Art Deco design and it contains sleek rooms and suites that have suede-covered walls, black marble bathrooms, customized leather pieces, mini-bars, butler services and private landscaped terraces.