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Three Reasons Why You Need to Visit Finland.

When it comes to European countries, you will have a plethora of choices to choose from, all having their own style and overall vibe. Going to France gives off that romantic city feel, perfect for honeymooning and couples. While going to a place like Italy will take you to a universe of mixed culinary talents. 

But you’d never guess that Finland would be at the top of all these countries. You see, the main selling point as to why people should go to Finland is thanks to the Finns themselves! They’re considered to be the happiest people in the world, and who wouldn’t want a little extra happiness in their life, right? 

So to reel you in even more, here are three more reasons why you should definitely visit Finland this year! 

The Best Place to Watch the Northern Lights. 

You’ve probably seen this natural phenomenon everywhere from magazines, tv shows, or just on a shared Facebook post from your friend back in High School captioned “Soon!” 

Well, the Northern Lights are without a doubt one of the most beautiful things anyone can experience in this world, and the best place to check them out yourselves, is in Finland. 

The Aurora Borealis can appear in Finland for more than 200 nights per year. That is the most that any country can experience! So if you’re looking to camp outside in the winter snow, and gaze upon the beauty of the Northern Lights, then you already know where to go first! 

Forests and Water Everywhere. 

Finland is also known to many as the “Land of Many Lakes”, and this is mainly because of that mere fact that Finland is absolutely covered by bodies of water. To be exact, there are about 188,000 lakes scattered all over the country. The country also boasts the most water to land ratio across all the countries in the world. And they’re some of the cleanest waters too

Not only is Finland covered in lakes, but everywhere you look, it’s almost forests from miles on end! It is absolutely perfect for the adventurer looking for a challenge when it comes to living in the wild or going off the grid. 

So if you want to ride on a boat and explore thousands of lakes, or go outside and experience what it is to live in the wilderness, then visiting Finland is absolutely the place for you! 

The Safest Place in the World. 

Remember how we said that the best part about Finland are the locals? Well, we weren’t exaggerating that at all. In fact, it may even be a bit more of an understatement! 

Finland is considered to be the safest place in the world to be in! The Finns are all comfortable walking along the streets thanks to low rates of crime and even the smallest complaints like losing a wallet or a mobile phone are immediately solved thanks to the people returning everything. 

So consider your stay in Finland safe and secured thanks to the many people here that believe in trusting one another and building a healthy community. 


Finland, the Land of Many Lakes, is considered to be one of the best places to visit this year, and has been for years on end! They have some of the most wonderful forests, vastest lakes, a captivating view and experience of the Northern Lights, and most of all, the best people to be around with! So make sure to get on the next plane going to Finland! Trust us, you won’t regret it! …