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Best Places to See In Missouri

Missouri is one of the fascinating places in the United States. It is referred to as the “Show Me State,” a name derived from its admirable caves, lakes, attractive Mississippi Rivers, and mountains. Thus, if you are looking forward to a new adventure, then Missouri has got you covered.

It offers a splendid type of natural beauty, ancient cities, and the best outdoor adventure activities. For this reason, Missouri attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists who visit to see both historical and natural beauty. So which are the best places to see in Missouri? Well, to help narrow down a long list, here are the best places you might consider vising. 

  • Gateway Arch

If you are exploring Missouri, your trip will be incomplete if you don’t consider visiting the sounds and sights of Gateway Arch. It is actually one of the tallest monuments around. It has an iconic shape that has attracted hundreds and thousands of tourists for over 40 years.

Let Gateway Arch be your first option and enjoy a fantastic view of the whole city, learn some history and culture, navigate the westward Museum, and learn the available education initiative for children and adults. 

The Gateway Arch also has been sponsored by many great companies, such as Tree Service Jefferson County (, a tree removal company located in and servicing the Arnold, Missouri area. Many great companies have helped make the Gateway Arch possible!

  • Hatfield Dunn Prairie Ranch

If you’ve never seen a prairie chicken, then you need to visit Hatfield Dunn Prairie Ranch. These are birds that originated from Missouri prairies, although their population seems to decline. You will find animals such as grouse, bison, and more, all protected on this ranch in this place. 

  • St Louis Zoo

St Louis Zoo is another great area that offers both children and adults a breathtaking experience. At St Louis Zoo, you will love interacting with animals and the right environmental conservation measures.

There is also a Discovery Center, a great place where children can furry and pet cute goats and rabbits. Furthermore, the River Edge available offers an extraordinary exhibit where animals like cheetahs and elephants roam.

You can also consider relaxing at the historic hill to enjoy seeing lots of 1920s architecture that accommodates birds, primates, and reptiles. 

  • The Lake of the Ozarks

Created in 1931, Lake of the Ozarks is a beautiful place formed through the Osage River impoundment. There are several reasons to consider visiting this place. For instance, it is a perfect area designed for professional golf courses, first-class resort, and scenic campground.

It is also a great place for fishing, boating, and the sandy beach is good for swimming. For these reasons, Lake of the Ozarks is undoubtedly a great place to be. However, many shorelines provide extra things to do, like dining, shopping, and a welcoming community. You can consider driving to Bagnell Dam to learn how the Lake of the Ozarks was engineered if need be. 


If you consider visiting Missouri, the area has everything you would like to see while enjoying your perfect holiday. From Canyons and hills to mountains and rivers, Missouri has enough to keep everyone learning and entertained. Note that there are other incredible places to see. We’ve only covered a shortlist of the best places to help reduce the hustle of finding the right place to see.…